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‘Coz you are always on my mind

//This poem was published by Woman’s Era in their December I edition//

I never thought I would ever be so restless,

I think of the twinkle in your eyes and your acts so kind;

Life gains a new meaning each second,

‘Coz you are always on my mind.



The world before you came,

Seemed aloof and strange;

But your thoughtful words made me realize,

That things can miraculously change.

Passion – An Undying Flame


Passion is like a flame –

A hope that keeps you going in the dark moments of life,

When spread to others it only multiplies ;

The winds of monotony may blow it away,

My world is now complete

//This poem was published by Women of Courage on the occasion of Mother’s Day and is available at the below link:

Mother’s Day Poem: ‘My World Is Now Complete’ – By Anupama Dalmia

My world before you came seemed complete,

Life was one big party and bliss;

But when you entered my life my princess,

I realized that there was something amiss.