Mommy’s Day Out – J&J Bloggers Meet

“You are behaving as if it’s your first day at a new workplace.”, remarked my husband with a chuckle when he witnessed my wardrobe which was in shambles as I tried to dig out that perfect outfit for the occasion.

Well, after I resigned from my plush IT job in 2013, I never really attended any major event or meet related to work. So, my excitement for the J&J Bloggers Meet organized by was almost the same as it would have been for my “first day at work”. One of the things that I absolutely love about being a blogger is the opportunity it gives me to connect with some brilliant and creative minds. I was eagerly looking forward to meet my fellow bloggers whose work I immensely admire. I was also keen to meet the energetic and talented team of To be honest, I had refrained from using J&J products for my baby because I had my own reservations about them after reading a particular news article which was widely circulated on social media. Hence, I was certainly looking at getting my queries answered by the J&J team during the bloggers meet.

The D day had arrived and fortunately, my husband was able to get a day off from work. He was skeptical about it initially as it was expected to be a busy working day, but eventually he managed to be at home to look after our daughter while I was away to have the time of my life. Apart from all the reasons stated above, I was also feeling animated because this would be MY day, when all of me would be focused on only myself, which rarely happens with a toddler around. When I arrived at the venue, the hall was already bustling with energy and liveliness, and the congenial vibes from everyone was heart-warming. We all almost felt like celebrities as we had fun posing for the shutterbugs using various placards and sharing our thoughts via live broadcasts on social media. It was all so special!

The session with the team of J&J was insightful and also thoroughly enjoyable. There were a lot of myths busted.  I realized my folly of blindly believing one article that stated that J&J products contain cancer causing elements. It was injudicious of me to have followed the herd without verifying facts at my end. Through some videos of experts and some interesting team activities, we learnt about how gentle, effective and safe J&J products are for children.

I would like to highlight a few key takeaways from the meet for the benefit of those who could not attend.

Natural may be good but safety is primary – A very important point raised during the meet by J&J was that a lot is said about natural being the best but the focus of the product has to be safety for baby – be it natural or not. It is crucial to check the contents of a product before believing claims of it being pure or natural.

The controversy that was hyped by media – As expected, not just me but everyone wanted to seek clarification around the controversy that made some of us believe that J&J products are harmful or possess cancer causing properties. I really appreciate J&J’s frank discussion about this topic without even once dodging any question. They presented facts and elucidated how this controversy was kicked off by a viral news article about a woman who had sued J&J and had won the case.  However, J&J has won 3 other similar cases which was never highlighted by media. After all, everyone wants to report about scandalous news! This was an eye-opening piece of information for me and it hit me how I had built an unsubstantiated notion in my head even after my mother repeatedly kept saying that she always had a great experience using J&J products on us. J&J’s stand on this issue made complete sense during the session and their transparency about their product ingredients bears testimony to their integrity. I can now say that I trust J&J and that they are genuinely driven by the philosophy of providing the best for a baby. Irrespective of the brand one finally zeroes in on, it is essential to indulge in some scrutiny instead of going by hearsay.

J&J is recommended by most doctors – I became aware during the session about the fact that most doctors recommend J&J. There were a couple of doctors present there as well who endorsed this. In fact, my own pediatrician had recommended it too but I had ignored the advice because I was confident about my so called research. This seal of approval from medical professionals dispels even an iota of doubt one may have about the goodness of J&J products. No wonder the brand has been synonymous with baby care since times immemorial.

I am grateful to mycity4kids and J&J for organizing this meet. Invariably, all of us bloggers appreciate the way J&J went the extra mile to reach out to us directly. Overall, it was a fulfilling and memorable day out when I learnt a lot, made great friends, had some wonderful live interactions and of course hogged on lip-smacking delicacies.

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