We Are Beautiful

Years back, when I was in the third year of my engineering degree course, I got introduced over the phone to a close friend’s roommate. We clicked instantly, or so it seemed to me then. Soon, we began to have lengthy conversations on our Nokia 3315 mobile handsets (don’t think any of the handsets today can beat the durability and robustness of that one).  Because mobile phone technology was a new invention at that point, we usually waited for the “Happy Hours” which began at 11 PM as otherwise incoming and outgoing SMS/call charges were high enough to create a hole in our modest pockets.

We were not in a relationship. Maybe I had a crush on him, but I cherished the friendship more than anything else and enjoyed our late night tête-à-tête. We decided to meet up one day at a renowned coffee shop in the city. We met. The atmosphere was warm but he was cold. I left after an hour, bewildered and disappointed. The calls stopped after that and when I tried to reach out a couple of times, I was told by his girlfriend – about whom he never told me earlier – that he was busy and would get back. That never happened. I got the message. Weeks later, I learnt from our mutual friend that he was put off by the acne breakout on my skin and could not continue to flirt with an ugly-looking girl. “But we were not flirting! What about the friendship?”- I protested in my head. “But I am not ugly just because of my acne”- I didn’t protest. I was not beautiful, I accepted. It did prick for a moment but I moved on. Life moved on. Having been blessed with a chilled out demeanour and the immense love of family and friends all my life, I never had self-esteem and confidence issues because of my looks. But, I never considered myself beautiful for the longest time.

Then something changed in the year 2013. I joined a reputed NGO as a volunteer in my city, Hyderabad and got an opportunity to counsel rescued human trafficking victims during their rehabilitation. Many who know me are aware that this was a life-altering experience for me. And one of the major things that transformed was that I began to feel beautiful. I had never been so comfortable in my own skin before. It was a new found perception of my own self. What had changed? I still saw the same face, same body in the mirror. I then realized that I was now seeing the positive impact I could create on another human being. I felt beautiful because I was able to bring sunshine in someone’s life in my own little way. I felt beautiful because I was inspired by the life of many survivors and learnt empathy and courage. From then to now, there has not been a single moment when I have felt that I am unattractive. Yes, there are moments of self-doubts and frustrations. There are moments when my glaring imperfections intimidate me. But, I embrace them and try to perk up. I have learnt to love myself.

This makes me wonder – what really is true beauty? Was my understanding of it during my college days erroneous? It would be too simplistic to say that in my opinion. At that stage in my life, that was true beauty for me. Today, the way I look at it is different and tomorrow, this perception might change again. Because, after all, we are constantly growing and evolving as life peels its layers to give us varied experiences. True beauty can neither be defined, nor is it absolute. It is in the way we perceive our life and milieu and give meaning to our being. It is a feeling which is learnt, like many other things in life.

True beauty is as much in vulnerability as in strength. True beauty is in confidence and also in diffidence. True beauty is in standing tall, fighting it out and taking charge. True beauty is also in falling down, getting up and trying to figure it out. True beauty is in empowering others and spreading smiles, and in the tears shed when wanting to be left alone too. It is in benevolent hearts and open minds; in insanity as well as rationality.

True beauty is every woman who has faltered and conquered. True beauty is every woman who has roared and endured. True beauty is every woman who has touched lives. True beauty is every woman who wants to give up but pushes herself to hang in there.

I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Because we have loved. Because we are becoming a better version of ourselves as we inch ahead in this journey called life.

I believe every woman has TRUE BEAUTY within her in all the roles she plays. For over 18 years across 650 plus salons across the country, Naturals has been helping the Beautiful Indian Woman get more Beautiful.

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2 Responses to We Are Beautiful

  1. Vartika says:

    Summed up very well, Anupama. Time takes the toll of external beauty, what stays is the beauty of heart and soul and my lady, you are one of the most beautiful women I know. I was bodyshamed for my complexion in the initial years of my school and college and to be honest it effected too. Gradually, I embraced the imperfections and felt comfortable in my own skin. Lovely piece.

    • anupamadalmia_74hvm46a says:

      Thank you so much dear for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Big hug and it is pathetic the way people can put others down for their external appearance. I am glad you love yourself and I love you more.

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