Children’s Corner Launch Contest

The Children’s Corner Launch Contest was a huge success and we received beautiful stories from kids of all age groups across the globe. Our jury sure had a tough time selecting the winners, but after much discussion and contemplation, we have the winners list with us.


“It was a bright Sunday morning, bustling with the boisterous banter between Sarah and her friends. The children were playing hopscotch by the lake which was close to Sarah’s home. Mrs. Rodrigues was watching them from the kitchen while preparing sandwiches for the children to feast on. Suddenly, there was a loud scream….”


Jury Members

Aesha Shah

TinaAge group 9+:

Winner: Rajit Singh Gour from Hyderabad

Story link: The Friendly Crocodile

1st Runner Up: Ryan Bhatija from Hyderabad

Story link: The Day of the Man-Eating Night Crawlers

Age Group 7+:

Winner: Arnav Mahajan from Hyderabad

Story link: Myth or Truth?

1st Runner Up: Reya Jain from Hyderabad

Story link: Sarah and the Fairy