Children’s Corner

Children's Corner

Welcome to the Children’s Corner – a section for the kids, by the kids and of the kids ! If you wish to unleash the writer in your child or are looking for avenues to help your child explore his/her creativity in literary art form, your search ends here. Along with honing their writing skills early on, children will also have the advantage of getting a good exposure and visibility across the globe. Below are the highlights of what this section of the website aims to achieve –

  • Your child can get featured on my website which reaches out to lakhs of readers in a month. All you have to do is submit any piece of writing which has been penned by the child – poems, stories, non-fiction write ups, just about anything. I cannot promise that the piece will be published as it will go through a review process, but the child will receive a detailed feedback irrespective of whether the submission is accepted for publication or not. Please keep in mind that the submission should be the original work of the child.
  • There will be online workshops and programmes¬†organized to mentor kids on different aspects of writing. You can enrol your kids for these as and when they are announced. Keep a tab on my Facebook page –
  • There will be regular contests conducted which will include writing based on prompts, visual cues, et al. This will be your child’s chance to win exciting prizes and the winning entries will be published on the website.

For any other queries and for sending in your submissions, please drop an email to me at and include “Children’s Corner” in the subject line.