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No more labeling my child

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As a new age parent, I find myself exhibiting paradoxical behaviour sporadically. That’s because as we are evolving and aligning our parenting methodologies with the ever changing times, we are also somewhat influenced by several other factors, both external and intrinsic. More often than not, we are aware of what the right thing to do is in a given situation but we end up contradicting our own ideologies. Refraining from labeling my child has been one such aspect of parenting which I personally have struggled with for a while. Most of us do understand the repercussions of tagging our children and strongly believe that it is unfair to refer to a child as “bad girl”, “bad boy”, “arrogant”, “stubborn” etc. Indulging in attaching such labels to them is not only an insensitive act on our part but can actually leave a long-lasting impact on the child who is at the receiving end. Sometimes, the psychological damage can be irreversible. Children behave according to their age and their personalities are not even fully developed. In fact, negative labels can lead them to believe that they belong to a certain bracket and then they subconsciously start manifesting those traits. But, as the famous adage goes – it’s easier said than done, more so when it comes to parenting. In spite of acknowledging all of this, I found it difficult to not label my daughter at times in the past.

I recall an incident when I was undergoing a particularly tough day and was feeling debilitated. My daughter was having a typical toddler meltdown over an insignificant matter (well, insignificant according to me!) when we were inside the lift of our block. In a fit of anger coupled with a state of mental frenzy, I retorted with a bitter “You are a bad girl and so stubborn” comment and continued to utter these words. At that point, I just took her back home instead of taking her to the park but felt awful later on when my temper had diffused. I knew in my heart that what I was saying was extremely unwarranted and thoughtless, all the more because I did so in the presence of some acquaintances. Yet, I could not hold back those hurtful words. I wondered why. Was it because I was just frustrated? Or was it my way of justifying my inability to control her tantrum? I don’t know the reason for sure but what I do know is that it was a parenting blunder. The next day, my heart broke when my daughter repeated my words and in the midst of a casual conversation told her father that she was a “bad girl”. The twinge I felt at that moment is something I can never forget. That day onward, I sincerely began to work towards attaining a grip on my emotions and one of the things I did was to identify the triggers for these outbursts.

Down with flu? Breast milk is not the carrier of your infection

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The other day I was at a friend’s place to meet her 3 months old daughter for the first time. Her adorable infant was asleep with an endearing expression on her face which made me nostalgic. We settled down for our candid tete-e-tete which was primarily centered on parenting. Like most new mothers, my friend had several queries and doubts about various aspects of parenting which she wanted to clarify with me and seek my opinion on.  I could gauge that she was feeling under the weather and when I checked with her, she mentioned that she was down with the seasonal flu.  She had been coughing and sneezing since a couple of days due to which she was advised by a friend to refrain from breastfeeding so that she doesn’t pass on the infection to the little one through breast milk. She paid heed to the advice and as a result of this, started giving her daughter formula milk which was causing much agony to the baby who only wanted mother’s milk. I was taken aback when I got to know about this and immediately requested my friend to feed the baby without any hesitation. I assured her that her breast milk would not infect her daughter and also shared a few links with her with practical and useful information related to breastfeeding.

Many a times, when a breastfeeding mother falls sick, the first thought of uncertainty that crops up in her mind is whether she can safely breastfeed or not, lest she transfers the illness to her child. But the fact is that it is safe to breastfeed a child in case of most illnesses and even if one is in two minds about it, it is best to consult a professional rather than just going by hearsay and unnecessarily depriving the child of breast milk. Professionals maintain that breastfeeding when one is down with flu, etc in fact passes on the antibodies generated in our body to fight the infection to children which aids in building their immunity.

‘Mommy Guilt’- No More!

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The nascent years of parenting are full of indelible “firsts” – your baby’s first smile, the first step, the first word and the list goes on interminably. While these special milestones make for pleasant lifelong memories, there are also the other “firsts” which can be agonizing. Like the memory of the first fall! I still distinctly remember the first time my daughter had a nasty fall from the bed. Ouch! She had just begun to commando crawl and was playing on the bed, while I was arranging our clothes in the closet in the same room. I had an eye on her throughout and then just in a split second when I turned around, there was a thud. I couldn’t fathom how she reached the corner of the bed so quickly but she did and it was excruciating to see her howl. I panicked and kept checking for any untoward signs. I breastfed her to pacify her and finally, she calmed down and fell asleep on my lap. That day I felt immensely guilty and shed copious tears, blaming myself for the incident and wondering what if some serious injury had occurred. In spite of my mother and other veteran parents reassuring me that every child experiences such falls at some point or the other, it took me a few days to get over the remorse. My mother also narrated some related amusing incidents involving my brother which proved to be some solace.

It’s a Yes to Mess Baby!

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The thing that I love the most about motherhood is that I get to relive my childhood with my daughter. The heart-melting innocence, the naughty yet chaste charm, the curiosity to explore the world around and the crazy, funny pranks – I thoroughly enjoy it all. My baby gives me a glimpse of what my childhood could have been like and very often I find myself thinking – “Maybe I did that too!”. Every moment we spend together is special and ties a knot more into this beautiful bond we share. Now that I am a mom, my mother takes pleasure in narrating interesting incidents and hilarious anecdotes from my childhood. Her stories and my memories tell me that I was given complete freedom to learn, discover and savour every bit of the growing years. I realize how important it is to have uninhibited fun to make the most of these golden moments. But, then it is also vital to be careful about the safety of children so that they can be unshackled and undaunted. The motherhood instinct in us invariably wants to protect our child from any kind of infections and injuries. But, for that we don’t need to stop letting kids be. As a mother, I always do my own research so that I can make informed choices and take care of my child’s well-being and immunity whilst giving her a carefree and uncurbed upbringing.

Since birth, my baby loves being outdoors. One of the few things she learnt to say when she started talking was “Baahar le ja” which means “Take me out”. I always look forward to my time outside with her, be it just at the park in our society or a long trip away from home. That is the time when I unwind too and we create beautiful reminiscences. I follow some simple hacks which help us be outdoor ready and I am sharing it hoping that this helps other parents too.

Swachh Bharat – Not just a campaign, but an attitude!

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Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad: As my husband drove out of the parking lot of one of the busiest posh malls of our city, I was engrossed discussing about my latest shopping escapade with my fashion savvy friend on whatsapp. It was a Sunday and as expected, there was a huge line up of vehicles getting out of the mall premises one by one. I got distracted by the abrupt sound of a falling object. Curious, I looked outside to find that the man at the driver’s seat in the Scorpio ahead of us had thrown out a Bisleri bottle. “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” was launched by our Prime Minister just a day before this incident occurred. “What an irony!” – I remember thinking to myself.

International Airport, Bangalore: It was my first trip to Goa and predictably, I was all charged up and excited. I was doing my hair at the Bangalore airport restroom when I noticed that a lady tossed the tissue paper after wiping her hands on the floor, even when there was a trash bin right beside her. I politely requested her to drop the tissue in the bin, but guess what! She frowned at me, shook her head and stomped her way out of the restroom. I suppressed the urge to run behind and give her a piece of my mind. Instead, I picked up the tissue and dropped it in the bin myself.