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D For “Do Not Judge A Child With Your Own Yardstick”

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It was a lazy, summer afternoon and the clock seemed to be ticking away at a sluggish pace. I was racking my brain to figure out the next activity to keep my toddler occupied as she wasn’t ready to shut her eyes for a quick nap. I am amazed by the stamina of these tiny tots who can tussle with sleep and stay hyper-active even when their body is signalling otherwise. The buzzing of my mobile handset jostled me out of my thoughts and I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by my friend who lives in the same locality. She had been keen to visit us since a while and apprised me that she would be arriving in a few minutes. I was eagerly looking forward to meet her and her infant, and rushed to churn curd to prepare a beverage for them. They were home soon and I was introduced by my friend to her mother-in-law who was accompanying her as they had arrived directly from a mall. After the typical exchange of pleasantries, I offered some homemade snacks along with iced buttermilk for them to relish. As we spent a while indulging in some general chit-chat, the topic of discussion steered towards parenting which was bound to happen with two children around. My 2 year old daughter was clinging to me, hence Aunty tried to garner her attention by engaging her in a conversation. After a few unsuccessful attempts, finally my daughter started responding but lost interest when Aunty began to ask her about what the various English alphabets stand for.

“Sweetheart, you didn’t tell me what does ‘D’ stand for? ‘D’ for…??”

Super Short Story – Theme “Hatred”

The names and situations in this micro-fiction are imaginary. Truth is we are not safe anywhere. If love is everywhere, hatred is everywhere. If there is hope due to some amazing people in the world, then there are some who make me wonder if at all we are heading towards anything good. One of those days when am feeling a void and a sense of loss of faith. Praying for peace in the world!

That one question was a life altering one

My article titled “That one question was a life altering one” was written for SheThePeople.TV on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The theme was “The power of One”.

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When those tiny fingers slowed me down!

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Donning the hat of a Mom has brought about umpteen changes in me and my lifestyle. Of all the things that have changed, most for the better, the one that amazes me the most is the way I mastered the art of accomplishing tasks at lightning speed. There was a time when I used to relish my meals taking my own sweet time, and be flabbergasted at the rapidity of few of my friends in cooking a dish. There was a time when I would visit the spa regularly to relax and rejuvenate, and spend hours chatting with close friends without having to worry about the ticking of the clock. But then motherhood happened and time started flying like a rocket. Through rushed meals and easy cooking that can be done in a jiffy, through quick showers and hastily tying up the hair in a messy bun, through having short conversations with friends and completing my writing assignments in record thirty minutes, I could see life just zooming past me.

Super Short Story – Theme “Time”

It is micro fiction time again – this one is on the theme “Time”. This idea came to my mind at 3:00 AM in the night while putting my toddler back to sleep. :-)

Super Short Story – Theme “Lifeless”

I have often heard people say that prostitution or porn should be made legal because it is a personal choice on both sides. But, the fact is that in our country, in most cases it is not a “choice” on both sides. From the point of view of the adult indulging in it as a “buyer”, it might be harmless but what about the other side? Having personally worked with the girls forced into prostitution or even porn sometimes, I know that the condition in which they survive is pathetic. I am sure you would not even want to hear about the torture they go through which forces them to give an impression of “willingness”. Trust me, most of them do not want to be a part of it and those who do, do it not because of being “professional” but because they know they are not going to be accepted in society to do anything else. They begin to “accept” this as life . Point is that human trafficking and all other vices associated with this industry exist because there is a “market” for it. So simply saying, it should be a choice and made legal is not the way to go about handling this complex web of a murky problem. A lot of actions need to be taken in conjunction to deal with it. Think about it !

Musings by the Sea

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Sitting at the seashore, basking in our moment,
My eyes wander to an effervescent adolescent.
In a trice, my mind starts brimming with thoughts of your future,
Pondering over sowing the right seeds for you as I nurture.
With a hopeful gleam in my eyes and a smile on my lips,
My grey matter begins to converse with you about life, the tricks and tips.

‘Coz you are always on my mind

//This poem was published by Woman’s Era in their December I edition//

I never thought I would ever be so restless,

I think of the twinkle in your eyes and your acts so kind;

Life gains a new meaning each second,

‘Coz you are always on my mind.