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A Letter To My Daughter On International Girl Child Day

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Dear Daughter,

Today is International Girl Child Day and this day always evokes myriads of emotions within me. As you grow, you will comprehend the significance of this day in the world that we dwell in but this letter is not just about this one day. This note is, in fact, going to be an aide memoire for me and if I ever try to enforce my beliefs and opinions on you, this will hopefully serve as a reminder for me to back off and let you be.

I endeavour everyday to raise you as a sensitive and strong girl, but achieving this in a patriarchal society is no child’s play. While on one side I will always strive to encourage you to be yourself and stand up for your values, there will be a counterbalancing effect from a section of the society which will threaten to bog you down and crush your fiery spirit. At times, you might struggle to decide what you want to do; you might find it overbearing to fight loved ones and in a bid to want to fit in and be accepted, you may end up losing a bit of yourself.

That one question was a life altering one

My article titled “That one question was a life altering one” was written for SheThePeople.TV on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The theme was “The power of One”.

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Happy Anniversary

Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse does not have obvious signs. There are many who experience emotional abuse in their marriage and are not even aware that they are being abused. If it does not feel right, chances are it isn’t right. Please read my short story titled “Happy Anniversary” published on Readomania which is a tale of empowerment. Empowerment does not come by only being financially independent but by tapping into one’s inner strength and taking charge of one’s life. Please rate the story and comment if you like it.

This story received an overwhelming response and is now among the most read publications on Readomania.

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I walked out of my house after I had my baby

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The author of the post, Sharanya Karnad, is a full-time mum and a hobby baker. She regularly counsels women, informally, for postpartum depression. //

For the better part of 2015, my only dream was to hold my newborn, when she would come in October, and cherish every single minute that I had with her. Most of my family lives close to where I live, so I had cousins and other relatives who had had babies, and, being a close-knit family, I had spent a lot time around babies. I had seen how they could change the lives of their parents, and how all the mothers just somehow…managed…to be dressed up for weddings, cheerful at family gatherings and never really complaining ever. It was hard for me to imagine that having a baby was anything but natural at worst, and pleasant and manageable at best.

Then, on October 19, Shikha came along. Eight and half pounds, head full of hair and a wail so loud that even the doctors in the operation theater laughed. After 31 hours of labor, I finally had a C-section. I was disappointed, but it had to be done, and by the time I recovered after the operation, I had reconciled myself to the fact that all the planning I had done for a natural birth was futile. This is how it was meant to be.

Thank you my baby for bringing out the “me” in me

// This is a prize winning entry for the blogger contest conducted by mycity4kids on the theme “Having a baby changes everything” //

Haven’t we all heard umpteen times from everyone around that “Having a baby changes everything”? Well, you bet it does! Every parent will endorse this fact and I am no different. 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep is now a dream, and a peaceful meal and shower has become a luxury. I always thought patience is a virtue I possessed till I became a parent and then discovered what “testing one’s patience” truly means. There was a time when I used to watch movies at the theatre every weekend. But, now when a friend asks me whether I watched the latest hit, am like “Is that a movie?”. “Thank God it’s Friday” has turned to “So what if it’s Friday!”. Can you imagine completing cooking, cleaning the kitchen and bathing, all in merely 30 mins.? That’s motherhood special speed! Can you imagine breastfeeding, eating, writing an article and talking on phone, all at the same time? Yes, being a mom makes you a multi-tasking expert. We learn to love like never before and learn to laugh like there is no tomorrow. If we actually get down to write about every small and big way in which parenthood changes our lives, am sure we will have the output in the form of a book titled “1000 ways a baby changes everything”!