Teacher’s Day Contest Winner – Mishti

//This write up has been submitted by Mishti who resides in Mumbai as a part of the Children’s Corner Teacher’s Day Contest. This is the winning entry in the age group of 7-8 Years//

My most favourite teacher is Priyanka Miss. She was my teacher when I was in grade 2. She taught us English literature.

Priyanka Miss is a very gentle and kind teacher. She loves all her children very much. She understands us very well. She always comes to know if I am upset.

She is very pretty. She has long black hair and big pretty eyes.

She always encourages us to do our best. For her, all her students are the best. She doesn’t have any favourite students and she treats all of us equally. I really like that a lot about her.

She has inspired me a lot to do my best. She tells us stories to make us understand the value of hard work. Once I was very sad as I didn’t do too well in my reviews. At that time, I didn’t read many books. She encouraged me to read books. She told mummy which books to buy for me. Then I used to read one book every week and tell her the story. This really helped me a lot. And after sometime, in the next review I did very well. So she inspired me to read and motivated me to do well in studies also.

I will always remember her. Now I am in Grade 3 and she doesn’t teach us so I miss her a lot. We aren’t allowed to go and meet her during school so after school hours I wait for her to get free so that I can meet her. She used to say that we are all her kids and she is our Mom in school. I love that the most about her.

My message to Priyanka Miss : ‘I will make you proud of me Priyanka Miss. Thanks for being my teacher.’