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Join the Angel XPress Foundation and give someone the gift of time

Time and again, I have mentioned in my blogs about how by giving back to the society, we actually end up giving much more to ourselves. It may be called social service but I see it as something we ought to do, because who else will? We don’t realize that what we spread around stays in our milieu and impacts us too. The issues plaguing our society are often viewed by us from a third-party perspective, as if we live in a bubble untouched and unfazed. The heartening news is that quite a few people do realize this and are going out of their way to do their bit for the betterment of the world. There are also those who want to contribute but are clueless about where to begin. Honestly, no step is small or big as it adds to the iterative process of bringing about a change, which one day becomes a revolution. I remember when I was volunteering with an NGO as a counselor during the rehabilitation process of human trafficking survivors, a staff member from the organization had lamented that there are many who are willing to donate money to them, but very few are able to give time which is something they are in desperate need of always.

Today, I am proud to share the story of a foundation which is growing from strength to strength each day to make a difference in the lives of our only hope – our future generation. Founded in Mumbai in 2012 by Anubha Sharma and Beenaa Advani, Angel Xpress Foundation (AXF) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated towards empowering underprivileged and slum dwelling children through education, mentoring, values and life skills lessons, and career guidance. Their vision is to create a balanced and compassionate society and what started as a small project with 18 children in 2012, today supports 1900 slum children at 17 locations across the city via a strong volunteer team of 500 members. They have inspired many from different walks of life to join them in their endeavour to address socio-economic inequities and generate awareness and a sense of empathy and responsibility in the citizens.

Do good because…Just do good !

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I was home for a few weeks to get pampered by my mother during my pregnancy and it goes without saying that I was loving every bit of it. On one such relaxed, lazy morning during my stay, I was switching TV channels aimlessly in the living room when someone rang the door bell. Few ladies who seemed like laborers were at the door and I heard them asking Mom for tea. Knowing her, I expected that she will oblige so it was not a surprise for me when she went inside to prepare tea. However, what caught my attention was the quantity of tea she finally brought – it seemed for around 10 people! When I asked her about it later, I got to know that the laborers who worked in the vicinity of our house would regularly come to her for tea and water when they would get tired. She prepared tea for all of them every time even on busy and frantic days. I was amazed and asked Mom why do not they ask for help elsewhere in the neighborhood at times to which the answer was the obvious – No one else helped ! But then it quickly dawned on me that this is how Mom has always been. Whatever I have learnt about humanity and kindness in my life has been by watching my parents. To think of it, it may not seem like a big deal to make tea for few people every few days. But, how many of us would actually do this, especially knowing that those people are not even our staff so we aren’t going to get any benefit out of it? I am sure we know the answer! In fact, it would be inevitable to find people saying “What is the need to do so much always?” or “It is madness. It spoils them and then they keep troubling you for everything.” Well, madness or not – it is a perspective, but this act of kindness is just an example of the zillion little things that I have seen my parents do.