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The Illusion of Choice in Choice Feminism

I came across a comment recently on my Twitter (now X) feed that got me thinking. It was a post about stay-at-home moms and someone commented, “We shouldn’t judge their decision to stay home. It’s their choice, after all.” While I do agree that it is none of my business to comment on the decision made by any mother, this simple statement got me pondering. Is it always a deliberate choice, unaffected by societal expectations and pressures? This idea stayed with me as I thought about how every time there is a discussion on any such topic, we tend to dismiss it as a choice without really looking at the situation from all angles. Instead of pitting mothers making different choices against each other, shouldn’t we focus on enabling an ecosystem in which every mother truly follows her heart?

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Sex Workers Deserve Respect And Empathy

I haven’t been active on Twitter lately for self-preservation. Even when I open the app, I skim through the feed with a brisk stroke of my thumb. But a recent top trending hashtag on Twitter hit too close to home and I felt compelled to dig further.

A tweet from Dhanya Rajendran, Journalist and Editor-In-Chief of The News Minute, intrigued me. She mentioned a distasteful trending hashtag and called out Twitter India on allowing such malicious content to trend on their platform.

This prompted me to go and check what this was all about. I discovered that the top trending hashtag was one which called a top Tamil actor ‘the son of a prostitute.’ And I was absolutely clueless about where this came from. Baffled and befuddled, I tried to trace the origin of this hashtag only to discover that this was a result of “fan wars.” Fans of the Tamil film actor Vijay put every ounce of effort to spotlight this trend as a means to seek ‘revenge’ on the other team of fans.

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Not Just A Joke

The unfortunate and heart-breaking demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput triggered debates and dialogues manifold. While there is definitely an urgent need for us to create mental health awareness, what I found appalling is that in an attempt to do this, a lot of us have missed the point leading to a counter-productive endeavour.

At the outset, I want to state in bold that this post is neither about determining whether or not Sushant Singh Rajput was suffering from depression nor is it about analyzing the cause of his death. I know nothing about him personally to make any claims and I pray he gets justice and his family finds closure.

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My Response To ‘Feminists Should Focus On Real Issues’ About Problems Faced By Women

Recently, someone shared a blog on a WhatsApp group where I am a member. The writer had written a story about a woman who felt uplifted and empowered when she began to wear a bright red shade of lipstick. It was a beautiful depiction of her journey and some found the writing to be powerful.

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Is THAT A Diaper, Mumma?

Period Talk! One would think that a mother of a 4-year-old girl would not have much to share on this subject. I concur because I have still not reached that stage when a parent actually gets into the elucidation of the biological process and the other nitty-gritty of menstruation to the child.

But, should period talk start only once a child is nearing puberty?

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A few weeks back, one of my cousins called me up in a distraught state. She had recently joined an organization but wanted to quit because she had been facing sexual harassment at the hands of her manager. When I urged her to raise this with the HR department, she revealed that she had already taken that route but to no avail. To make matters worse, her colleagues had begun to gossip about the matter and she couldn’t take the murmurs all around anymore. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?


9 Tips For Indian Bloggers On How To Make Money Through Blogging

“How can I make money blogging?”– This question is invariably posed at me by budding bloggers as well as online media platforms.

The blogging space has transformed in leaps and bounds over the span of last few years. From being a niche domain which was nowhere near being considered as a reliable career path, it has evolved into a becoming a hot and burgeoning profession with ample opportunities to rake in the moolah.

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