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What’s our Worth?

Some days are like that. You struggle as a mother. You crumble due to the daily grind. You find yourself on crossroads. You end up feeling lost. Doubts creep in. Loneliness kicks in. You unwillingly answer a call from an unknown number.

And then you hear a voice after five years! It’s a wedding invitation. You had counseled her when she was rescued from the clutches of trafficking. Suddenly, things fall into perspective. You are reminded of what defines you. You realize that this is the true measure of your worth – the lives you have touched along the way.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

Financial control in marriage – Real Stories

I was speaking to an Aunt over the phone but after a point, she seemed quite distracted. When I asked her if she was busy and wanted to disconnect the call, she sighed and agreed. Later, she called me back and apologized for cutting short our conversation. She mentioned that she had been having an argument with my Uncle over a saree that she had purchased.

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Is it just my responsibility?

“Oh! I have done all the research. It is an excellent day care with encouraging feedback from parents, some of them being my friends. I also liked the infrastructure and aura of the place and felt positive vibes emanating from the staff there. The best part is that they have the facility of CCTV cameras through which I can monitor Kaeira at any time of the day and this gives me a strong sense of comfort and security. I think Kaeira will enjoy the company of kids in the day care and will get the kind of stimulation she probably misses at home. So, I…”

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Can we please stop advising couples to have a baby to solve their marital woes?

“Mom, are you free now? As I had told you, I need to discuss something very important with you.” 

The nervousness and sense of urgency in Kavita’s voice was evident now. Aradhana Aunty was at the bank when Kavita had called her earlier in the day. Continue reading Can we please stop advising couples to have a baby to solve their marital woes?

Does your husband help at home?

Vani’s fingers moved vigorously on the keyboard as she hit the keys to send her final email of the day. She glanced towards the clock at her work station. It was 7.55 pm. It had been a frantic and hectic day at work. Due to a major technical issue caused inadvertently by a junior team member, the client was furious and had escalated the issue to the senior management. Being the team lead, Vani, along with another senior team member, Lisa, had been entrusted with the responsibility to fix the issue by end of the day. She leaned back on her chair and shut her weary eyes. At last, she could breathe a sigh of relief! While she was thinking about the dinner menu in her head, Lisa’s voice brought her out of her contemplation. Continue reading Does your husband help at home?

I am not going to assume that my daughter will marry

And one day she will marry and leave to build her own nest…” 

“Sorry for interrupting but how do you know she will marry? There is a probability that she may not want to. “

“Huh! Of course she will. Everyone does. She can’t be living alone all her life.” 

” Hmm. Well there are examples of people who have chosen to stay single all their life. So what’s the problem if she makes such a choice too? Who decides that everyone should marry? “ Continue reading I am not going to assume that my daughter will marry