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A Step Forward

Kamya gazed at the fumes which seemed to be taking the form of an abstract artwork. The artist in her always found inspiration in the mundane. The brain wave had swept her away into the tides of unbridled, cathartic imagination. Though blissfully submerged, she was brought back to the realms of reality soon enough. It was that sane, soothing voice which had made her almost jump up in exhilaration.

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the comfortable nothing

That empty feeling has become a part of me. Indispensable to my existence. It gives me the fuel to keep running through the mundane. I do not feel exhausted anymore because there is nothing remaining to get drained out from within.

The moment someone starts filling the gaps and voids, I begin to feel uneasy, unsettled, sometimes even anxious. This unknown space is deceptive. I know the bliss is temporary. Which is why I dash into the emptiness again – that feeling of nothing, but a comfortable nothing.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

and so the adventure begins…

Ananya tenderly caressed her toddler’s forehead before scuttling towards the kitchen. The utensils were strewn around on the platform and the succulent tomatoes lay splattered on the floor. She let out a long sign of despair. Though exhausted to the bone, she got into action instantly. She had no choice in any case. Later that night, while rummaging through the cabinet for her 13-year-old’s report card, Ananya wondered if her humdrum existence would ever take an exciting turn. Suddenly, her eyes sparkled at the sight of her childhood love.

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

…And so the adventure began!

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

What’s our Worth?

Some days are like that. You struggle as a mother. You crumble due to the daily grind. You find yourself on crossroads. You end up feeling lost. Doubts creep in. Loneliness kicks in. You unwillingly answer a call from an unknown number.

And then you hear a voice after five years! It’s a wedding invitation. You had counseled her when she was rescued from the clutches of trafficking. Suddenly, things fall into perspective. You are reminded of what defines you. You realize that this is the true measure of your worth – the lives you have touched along the way.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

The Valentine’s Day that wasn’t

It was a special day for us. A milestone of sorts! We celebrated the occasion with pomp and ebullience. Love and bliss filled the air with an intoxicating charm that elevated our spirits to a new high. First month birthdays are memorable indeed.

As we gaped at her angelic toothless grin in awe, she let out a loud wail signalling that it was time for a diaper change. It suddenly struck me then. It was Valentine’s Day too! I smiled as I watched him clean her up while I rested. That day I realized love comes in many forms.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~


The devil-may-care youngsters were sprinting across the open field, engrossed in blowing and bursting balloons. All of a sudden, Danny stopped and stared at Diya straight in the eyes.

“Diya, I think it’s time to tell you the truth. You are not my biological sister. We had found you on the lane next to our house. “

There was deafening silence for a few minutes followed by an uproarious laughter.

“You are so mean! You got me for a moment.” , yelled Diya while running behind Danny to punch him.

Some stories remain the same. Only the siblings change.

~ Anupama Dalmia~