Those Thirty Minutes!

“Only thirty minutes, please! I promise it won’t go beyond that”, Saachi pleaded.

“Ok fine!  But, do not expect more than this from me. My company does not pay me to babysit kids. I have to work my ass off so that you can all have a chilled out life.” responded Vihaan in a tone that reeked of high-handedness.

But, all Saachi cared about was the go-ahead from him. She was over the moon and jumped around with a child-like excitement. Little did she know that what Vihaan had granted her would prove to be much beyond “me time”.

Days passed. Those thirty minutes turned out to be a crucial part of Saachi’s life. That was the time when she was herself.  That was the time when she felt unfettered and laughed with carefree abandon. What seemed like a mundane activity of taking a stroll with a few women in the society became the motivation she looked forward to every day. It was uplifting. It was revivifying. It was soulful.

Some things work like a ripple effect. She got an insight into the varied tales of struggles and victories around her. While she drew strength and positivity from each, it was the astute and affable Sankhya who sowed the seeds of finding her ground in her. “Revolution can never happen from a place of convenience and comfort”, she often told Saachi while narrating her own stories of working as a counselor for abuse survivors. Sankhya’s words gradually made place in her heart, tenderly and steadily brewing their flavours within her, seeping into each pore as if changing her core composition.

Saachi did not even realize when these moments brought her to a crossroads in her life. Turning around was not an option anymore. And then one fine day, she hit the road.

“I am planning to stay with my parents for a few months. I need some time to study the market trends before applying for jobs. I will not be worried about the kids with them around. Their school bus goes via that route too, so it will be all the more convenient.” Saachi stated matter-of-factly.

“What the hell are you talking about?  I haven’t given you permission for this.” Vihaan growled, ready to lash out at her.

“But, I haven’t asked your permission anyway”, she riposted as she walked out of the room without waiting for his response.

Author’s Note: I know Saachi. I know Sankhya. And I am sure each one of you knows Saachi and Sankhya. You might be Saachi. You might be Sankhya. You might be a bit of both. Whoever you are, you are special. Don’t hesitate to reach out – to help, to seek help, to form the circle of sisterhood. This circle is potent. This circle is empowering. The beauty of this circle is that it will hold you tight, yet liberate you. It will cry with you. It will cheer for you. It will celebrate YOU!

//This article was published on Women’s Web and is available at the following link

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