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I am not a poet

The first creative piece that I ever wrote as a child was a poem. There is something magical about poetry. Even a single line can evoke several emotions within the reader. Poetry is profound and gentle, structured and abstract, meticulous and carefree, broken and whole. It is everywhere, within us and around us.

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, here is my ode to poetry.

No! I am not a poet.

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Just a few tiny drops

Few tiny drops, form an ocean in my heart;
Few tiny drops, blossom into intricate art.
Few tiny drops, make the dreary glow;
Few tiny drops, beseech me to go slow.

Few tiny drops, permeate into ebullient laughter;
Few tiny drops, indulge in puerile banter.
Few tiny drops, fuse melody in mundane chore;
Few tiny drops, orchestrate a tune encore.

Few tiny drops, open the door to my soul;
Few tiny drops, amass the smithereens into a whole.
Few tiny drops, nourish the turf to grow;
Few tiny drops, give birth to the mighty rainbow.

I am a not so plain Jane

My confidence is my pair of heels,
To me there are layers and peels.
My perception of the world is the kohl of my eye,
My dreams are the permanent mascara I apply.
The blusher on my cheeks is every life I touch,
Every smile is my precious jewel that I fondly clutch.
My imperfections and scars make me feel beautiful from within,
I am a not so Plain Jane who is comfortable in her own skin.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~