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A lean child is NOT a weak or unhealthy child

Once we enter parenthood, having a long heart-to-heart chat with close friends becomes a luxury. But my friends are a very important part of my life and I do try to take out time to talk to them once in a while, apart from staying connected through social media and apps. So, this morning when my baby was busy playing with my help, I called up my very dear childhood friend. Continue reading A lean child is NOT a weak or unhealthy child

the battle between mind and heart

Her mind was in a state of mayhem. She had vowed to keep her distance but found herself being vanquished by the desire in her heart. It wasn’t easy to control deep-seated emotions, after all. It was a battle between her mind and her heart, and eventually the latter won. She gave in to her temptation and took rapid giant strides towards him.

She stood facing him in glee and stretched her hands, while reminding herself that she was doing nothing wrong.

“One plate pani puri please, Bhaiya”, she exclaimed.

Voracity had got the better of the diet.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~