The Collision Of Two Worlds

Dressed in an alluring red gown,

To rave it up, she let her hair down.

Serenity embossed on her face, she sat in repose;

Click, smile, click smile – she dazzled every pose.

Puns and quips were enough to get her to bust a gut;

Her circle of sisterhood never let her feel stuck in a rut.

The jamboree ended with words of gratitude and hugs tight;

The frolic and chortles made way for the quietude of the night.

Calling it a day, her mind rewound a few hours back;

When she wondered if she would survive the moment as she hid like a sack.

For rescuing precious lives, she was in the line of fire;

Tenacity, valour and pragmatism were her attire.

She had survived, they had survived, the squad had been triumphant in their mission;

Once more combating the terror of trafficking, they had broken free from the prison.

She shut her eyes to another day of breathing two airs;

Both of which she sponged up with aplomb and flair.

Crude to polished, murk to shimmer;

Two starkly contrasting worlds collided into her.

Author’s Note: The woman in this poem is many of us. “She” can be any person on the road, next to your abode, in your family or even you. We often talk about the world without realising that “world” is probably an abstract. We are not even aware of the number of worlds that we are willingly or inadvertently a part of, and also the ones we are blissfully unaware of. We are so much more than how someone from the world we are currently in perceives us to be.

Maybe, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that there are indeed multiple worlds within this one world and a different version of us lives in each of these worlds 🙂

//This poem was published on Women’s Web and is available at the following link

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