I’m An Unsure, Average Writer

With a swarm of ideas in my head,

I perch on the sofa and begin my tread.

I think, I write, I think and I erase,

Only to involuntarily find myself staring into blank space.

It is all in there, yet the thoughts struggle to take the shape of words;

As I desperately attempt to pen the story that has chosen me to reach out to the world.

A piping hot cup of coffee, a stroll along the seashore;

An appealing writer’s desk or something more?

I try it all; I do as they say.

But I can’t seem to keep this block at bay.

Day after day, night after night,

I strive to uncover the solution to my plight.

A writer par excellence says asocial media notification,

And I shake my head in vehement refutation.

I am nothing but your average writer, I wish to say.

I am just an enthusiast who loves the beauty of word play.

And then one fine day, the dam breaks open.

The threads of the twenty six letters get seamlessly woven.

I gaze at the words that fall into place as I surrender;

As though they were meant to be there, me being a mere mediator.

I smile, I save, I post and I share.

Hopelessly hoping to find a connect somewhere.

Because I am still that unsure, average writer;

Ready to walk the next mile on a new adventure.

© Anupama Dalmia

Author’s Note:

Sometimes writing about the struggle to write can get the words flowing. I have done exactly that! I am sure at some point, every writer goes through this. But it’s the love for word play that keeps us going. Because we are here to narrate the story that we have been chosen to share with the world. So, write on and shine on 🙂

//This article was published on Women’s Web and is available at the following link

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