Snack time made easy by Nutrinos

“What does your child like to eat?” 

This is a question I get asked invariably by friends and family whom we visit, and in all honesty, I don’t know the answer to it. That’s because I have a 6-year-old whose taste and choices in food change faster than the rate at which she is growing. I am almost always baffled when it comes to deciding what I should be offering her as snacks to satisfy her frequent hunger pangs. 

Every hour or so, I hear a request, “Mummy bhook lagi hai, kuch achcha khana hai”. This ‘achcha’ is where we end up in conflict because I obviously value nutrition while the little one only cares about taste. 

“You can’t have junk so often”, I often find myself muttering under my breath. “Junk is tasty, Mom”, she retorts while I roll my eyes in disapproval. 

Though she enjoys fruits, she rejects most of the other healthy snacks I offer. And, in my experience, forcing doesn’t really work.

After almost running out of ideas for healthy snacking, I came across Nutrinos which has been a blessing for our family. Nutrinos is a scoopable and drinkable dairy snack from Milklane, a new-age dairy brand. My daughter, who is generally fussy about trying anything new, immediately took to the attractive kid-friendly packaging and the delightful taste of Nutrinos. We tried the mango and strawberry flavours, and what I initially thought was any other snack actually turned out to be a unique and innovative dairy-based snack full of nutrients. It’s not overly sweet and has the right balance of ingredients to meet both nutrition and taste requirements. 

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