Deakin University and Great Lakes Institute of Management partner for an empowering Pathway Program

The pandemic has impacted the entire humankind at various levels and to different degrees. I believe children and young adults have taken the hit in more ways than we have been able to acknowledge. Being a parent, aunt and a mentor to numerous kids and teens, there is indubitably a nagging concern in my head regarding their future. I was recently having a conversation with one of my students and she mentioned how she was perturbed because her plan to travel abroad to pursue higher education was hindered by the current situation. This is the story of many students who are gripped with the worry for learning opportunities, visa processing and job prospects. 

During such times of anxiety and uncertainty, it has been exciting to learn about the Pathway Program. Great Learning, a leading global Ed-tech company for professional and higher education, recently announced the launch of two International undergraduate programs from Deakin University, Australia’s largest university, in collaboration with Great Lakes Institute of Management, one of India’s premier B-Schools. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to equip themselves with a strong understanding of core business management, and acquire leadership and data analytics skills. Today, we are all talking about making children future ready, and an empowering and transformative program like this one lays a powerful foundation for achieving that goal. 

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