Light in Dark

The aureate sunbeams percolate through my pores,

Unlocking my shut eyes as the wonted dawn beckons;

The quivering and weary lashes grapple and stutter,

As they endeavour to make way for vision in the dungeon.

It is dim with speckles of light lurking in the shadows,

My body manoeuvres its way through each curve and lane;

Comfortable in the darkness, so familiar and intimate,

The unilluminated surrounding is in kinship with my pain.

Suddenly there is a flash of light, unforeseen and jarring;

Alluring me into a deceptive, effulgent illusion;

I scream, I panic, I turn around to escape,

Taking to my heels, till I fade into oblivion.

I am back to that caliginous space,

The one that I have embraced and known;

Dodging the perfidious, dazzling luminosity,

I am blissful in my desolate, gloomy zone.

The night descends on the horizon, still and mute;

I slip into slumber and awaken in the realms of fantasy.

A surge of exuberance proliferates within me,

Vivifying my soul as I live my glittering reality.

Don’t tell me that my truth is a dream,

Don’t tell me that my bright is a fallacy;

Don’t push me into obscure apertures,

Let me decide my light, my reality.

Author’s Note: I read somewhere once that what if we get up one day and realise that all of what we think is reality is actually a dream. While it was written in jest, it made me think. Maybe, what is a dream for us is someone’s reality because it is a happier space which is enlivening. Who are we to define it for anyone? Maybe what is our light during the day time is someone’s darkness and their dreams are what brightens their world. The darkness they are in becomes comfortable and maybe they do not wish to see the light we force on them. We decide our light, our reality.

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