Who Am I?

Who am I?

Is this a question

Or a discovery

Maybe, a mirage

Sometimes, I see myself

In the vibrant butterflies

Flying with buoyance

Devouring the sweet nectar

Sometimes, I find myself

In the pages of a book

In the imagination

Of an oblivious stranger

At times, I become the spice

To make bland palatable

Diffusing my aroma

Concocting my flavours

I am often in the leaf

Dancing with the wind

Realising the fall

Only once grounded

Is that me, I wonder

In the shards of glass

Splintered and vanquished

Shapeless and serrated

Piercing through them

Who hold me tight

I cannot be their pain

I break free, I gather

There I spot myself

In the silvery beam

Serene and intense

Illuminating the darkness

Arrives a belligerent storm

I meld into the dim

Only to emanate

As the rays of the sun

Who am I?

Is not a question

As there is no answer

This is a mirage

For ‘I’ am infinite

Dynamic every moment

Author’s Note: Often, we try to find the answer to this one question – “Who am I?”. But, the answer remains elusive. How can we ever have a definite answer to this when the ‘I’ in the question itself is constantly changing. It’s almost as if you decipher a code, only to realise that the code itself has changed by the time you do so. Continual soul-searching and self-reflection are essential for us to thrive and evolve. But, we can never truly define ourselves. Because defining is limiting and we have limitless facets and layers to us to unravel and unfold. The expansive universe that exists within us is beautiful, potent and empowering – if only we let it come out uninhibited; if only we dig into it; if only we do not end up falling for the bait of being able to answer this one question in just a few words. Because I am infinite.

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