it was back!

The room was brimming with euphoria. The guffaws seamlessly fused into the clanking of the glasses. Humourous anecdotes were shared – some new and some fond reminiscences.

As I stood up to fetch the bowl of nachos from the kitchen, I scanned the hall and let out a smile. It was amazing to witness how my girl squad had managed to sprawl together on the miniature sofa.

I turned around to proceed but something felt weird. I began to feel sick all of a sudden. My steps became heavier and I realized I was palpitating.

It was back!

That gnawing discomfort had gripped me again. I grappled with it, pulling out all my strength from within, and finally managed to set myself free of its grasp. Or so I thought. I stared at it in the face this time, and yelled.

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