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the comfortable nothing

That empty feeling has become a part of me. Indispensable to my existence. It gives me the fuel to keep running through the mundane. I do not feel exhausted anymore because there is nothing remaining to get drained out from within.

The moment someone starts filling the gaps and voids, I begin to feel uneasy, unsettled, sometimes even anxious. This unknown space is deceptive. I know the bliss is temporary. Which is why I dash into the emptiness again – that feeling of nothing, but a comfortable nothing.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

The mirage

There was an irrefutable magnetism surrounding Sahana. With an alluring persona and a boisterous demeanor, she was the centre of attraction at her workplace. She was a free bird who lived alone on her own terms and often ended up sloshed during her weekly midnight parties at the most happening pubs in town. Reya, her colleague, used to envy her carefree lifestyle and many a time wished they could switch places.

With quivering fingers, a dewy-eyed Reya held the thin sheet of paper. The mask was off. It was Sahana’s suicide note which read – “Loneliness killed me”.

– Anupama Dalmia