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The Valentine’s Day that wasn’t

It was a special day for us. A milestone of sorts! We celebrated the occasion with pomp and ebullience. Love and bliss filled the air with an intoxicating charm that elevated our spirits to a new high. First month birthdays are memorable indeed.

As we gaped at her angelic toothless grin in awe, she let out a loud wail signalling that it was time for a diaper change. It suddenly struck me then. It was Valentine’s Day too! I smiled as I watched him clean her up while I rested. That day I realized love comes in many forms.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

Love makes the ride worthwhile

It’s that time of the year! While a set of people are celebrating love with all heart and mush, some are enjoying the memes and harmless jokes about something they don’t believe in. And then there are some like me who are neutral – the ones who can laugh on the jokes and can also go “aww” at the lovey-dovey social media posts; the ones who are happy to celebrate the day of “Love” and are also cool about letting it pass as just another day. Continue reading Love makes the ride worthwhile