Financial control in marriage – Real Stories

I was speaking to an Aunt over the phone but after a point, she seemed quite distracted. When I asked her if she was busy and wanted to disconnect the call, she sighed and agreed. Later, she called me back and apologized for cutting short our conversation. She mentioned that she had been having an argument with my Uncle over a saree that she had purchased.

He felt it was squandering of his wealth and she felt it was worth the money because of its unique design. Moreover, it had been a good while since she had last bought anything for herself, as lately it had always been about shopping for children and grandchildren.

“You know I would not have even told him about it and he would never have even realized that I have a new saree in the closet. But, thanks to the SMS that he receives immediately after the online payment, I had no choice but to tell him.”

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