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Babloo is Lost – By Hardik Kasat

//This story has been submitted by Hardik Kasat, aged 12, from Indore. He had written this tale as a part of  “Introduction to Creative Writing” workshop conducted by me in June. The kids were just given a story title and they had to weave a story around it.//

A smart, intelligent and athletic boy in blue named Babloo was playing chess with Julie, his elder sister who was just a year older to him. He was about to win when his sister dismissed the game.

“I am not going to play with you”, Julie declared.

Few days later

Now Julie had begun to feel even more jealous of Babloo. From teachers to parents, everyone always praised Babloo and this made Julie feel very bad. She thought that if Babloo will not be there, then everyone would praise her instead. So she hatched a plan. Her plan was to take Babloo to the woods and pretend that she wanted to play with him.