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Deciphering Mythology – Guest Post by Piyusha Vir

Piyusha Vir

 Piyusha Vir

Couple of weeks back, I had posted my Book Review of “Dashavatar: Stories of Lord Vishnu” authored by Piyusha Vir. Here is the link to the post:

Piyusha Vir was gracious enough to write this brilliant, insightful and incisive post for my blog on deciphering mythology. Hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did. Do pick up her book if you haven’t already!


It is true that the Hindu mythology, especially the two epics written, are among the greatest pieces of literature that exist in India. They have captured the imagination of a gigantic number of writers, painters, lyricists, film-makers, and of course, the audience.

It isn’t without reason that we just can’t have enough of these mythological stories. The relevance, truth, and contextual interpretations contained in them cannot be denied. The stories hold meaning even today, thousands of years later. And yet, we have no idea who wrote these stories and how they got passed on with such unfailing regularity.

While we do believe that Valmiki and Vyasa were the original creators, the fact is no such archaeological proof exists that it is they who deserve the full credit. If the events actually did occur, it would make them a part of history and not mythology. Besides, facts don’t have different versions. The many different takes and versions that exist for our epics are enough to make one’s head reel. There is one section of society that believes that the events did actually occur and find corresponding evidence to corroborate those claims. I personally feel these are nothing but the result of someone’s outstanding creativity and imagination.

Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards – A landmark day in the story of my life

Receving the "Influencer of the Year" Award at Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards 2019

                Receving the “Influencer of the Year” Award at Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards 2019


There are good days. There are awesome days. There are bad days. And then there are “I don’t know what but something is off” days. It’s the last one that invokes an odd feeling and an unknown sense of void that keeps nagging you as you sail through the day. You try to focus on the positives and get all the strength from within. You try to brush aside the thoughts which are seemingly unfounded. You sometimes feel you are getting there. And other times you feel you are far from it. This is something we all experience at different points in our lives. I am no different.

Perched on my sofa, I pondered and inadvertently, my mind traversed back to that day. 5th May 2019. It was the day that was a turning point in my life in more ways than one. As the reels of those memories started unfolding in front of my eyes, my heart began to feel full. I felt grateful and content.  I was reminded of what I am made of. I was inspired by my own journey. I was motivated to fulfil the responsibilities that come with the recognitions and accolades. All it took was looking back to see how far I have come and understand that, however challenging the path ahead might be, I can trail forward because I have done it before.