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Short Prose – Theme: Good-Bye?

They say home is where the heart is. But what if your heart is scattered all over the place ? At every walk of life right from birth, we meet people and give a part of our heart to some of them. Is this why I can never really “feel at home” ? I always imagine it would be great to have all the people who matter to us at one place, and there would be no pain of separation. Wishful thinking, sigh ! This is exactly why a “Good-Bye” is so heartbreaking, because in true sense you are bidding farewell to a part of your heart. But, this is the beauty of life, because for every piece of heart you part with, you get back another piece :)┬áSo, even if you don’t have your heart in place, you have the immense love from people across the globe and this love is what keeps us going.

‘Coz you are always on my mind

//This poem was published by Woman’s Era in their December I edition//

I never thought I would ever be so restless,

I think of the twinkle in your eyes and your acts so kind;

Life gains a new meaning each second,

‘Coz you are always on my mind.



The world before you came,

Seemed aloof and strange;

But your thoughtful words made me realize,

That things can miraculously change.