Short Prose – Theme: Good-Bye?

They say home is where the heart is. But what if your heart is scattered all over the place ? At every walk of life right from birth, we meet people and give a part of our heart to some of them. Is this why I can never really “feel at home” ?

I always imagine it would be great to have all the people who matter to us at one place, and there would be no pain of separation. Wishful thinking, sigh ! This is exactly why a “Good-Bye” is so heartbreaking, because in true sense you are bidding farewell to a part of your heart. But, this is the beauty of life, because for every piece of heart you part with, you get back another piece 🙂 So, even if you don’t have your heart in place, you have the immense love from people across the globe and this love is what keeps us going.

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