I have often heard people say that prostitution or porn should be made legal because it is a personal choice on both sides. But, the fact is that in our country, in most cases it is not a “choice” on both sides. From the point of view of the adult indulging in it as a “buyer”, it might be harmless but what about the other side?

Having personally worked with the girls forced into prostitution or even porn sometimes, I know that the condition in which they survive is pathetic. I am sure you would not even want to hear about the torture they go through which forces them to give an impression of “willingness”. Trust me, most of them do not want to be a part of it and those who do, do it not because of being “professional” but because they know they are not going to be accepted in society to do anything else. They begin to “accept” this as life . Point is that human trafficking and all other vices associated with this industry exist because there is a “market” for it. So simply saying, it should be a choice and made legal is not the way to go about handling this complex web of a murky problem. A lot of actions need to be taken in conjunction to deal with it. Think about it !

“What? You can’t be serious!”, exclaimed Rohit.

Come on. We are not going to rape anyone. If they can do it for money, we can have some harmless fun too. “, whispered Amar during the training session.

Somewhere in a brothel, a girl was coerced into a lifeless life, again…

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

4 thoughts on “Lifeless”

  1. This is heart breaking on so many levels. I cant even fathom the emotional brokenness the people who go through this phase in their lives.
    The short story is compelling Anu 🙂

    1. I know. It is heart-breaking and the intention of writing this was to urge people to think about it from all angles. Thank you so much Neel 🙂

  2. I sometimes personally feel that people very well know there is nothing as harmless fun so far paid sex is concerned. These words are said to curb ones conscience. To be precise to curb the already slaughtered conscience. It all starts with little perversities as watching porn and yes for me it is a pervert act no other way to put it, stealing be it taxes or paying bribe or extorting the maid to do extra work without paying. Then comes ogling, followed by groping, followed by eve teasing and followed by rape. Heard of the line she was asking for it so many times, so in other words those who enter into paid sex only try to justify their act by uttering such nonsense. Only if we could be true to our selves most of our actions would automatically be rectified.

    1. I concur Saumya. We need to listen to our conscience more and more. Thank you for commenting on this story. This one, in particular, is very close to my heart.

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