I have always been disheartened with the perception of education by some people in our country. Education is not just about holding a degree or diploma in a particular field. It is also about being sensible, sensitive, aware, discerning and responsible. It is good to see that nowadays more schools and parents have started to focus on all the aspects of development of a child and have started sensitizing children about being a worthy part of the society. Moreover, it is important we look within ourselves and introspect before we comment on someone else’s education or intelligence quotient. These feelings have inspired me to write this story on the theme “Education”.

“She is an uneducated , dumb model . ” , he said dismissing his wife’s appreciation of the new top model as he halted the car.

His wife’s eyes fixated on the empty Bisleri bottle thrown by him out of the window. She giggled just when she heard a passerby remark, “Dude, shame on your education. Stop littering around.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

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