Five reasons why I love Monsoons

Monsoons have finally arrived giving us the much awaited respite from the scorching heat. Just this morning, a friend was grumbling about the increased traffic halts on the muddled roads due to rains and how it has become too grimy all around. I guffawed at her statement because a few days back the same friend was whining about the sweltering summer. It’s funny how we always find a reason to complain about the weather, irrespective of the season – “Too hot”, “Too cold”, “Too messy”! Personally, monsoon is my favorite season and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest with my naughty toddler. Here are five reasons why I love this season so much :

Nature at its best – Mother Earth is at her prettiest best when the heaven obliges us. It’s an enthralling view outside to behold after a downpour. The green looks greener and the environment looks fresh and sparkling. Inhaling the earthy fragrance of the wet soil enlivens every inch of my soul and the picturesque beauty of the surroundings is enough to keep my spirits high throughout the day.

Cool and pleasant weather – I love the pleasant climate and the cool breeze after it rains. A long drive in such a weather with the company of loved ones and lively music in the background is a perfect outing, isn’t it? Or even setting out for a small walk is equally enjoyable and de-stressing.

Time to delight taste buds – The blazing hot summers play havoc with our appetite but the rainy season is a great time to indulge and delight our taste buds. Don’t we just love lazing around at home and witnessing the heavy rainfall, while simultaneously devouring hot tea/coffee and lip-smacking pakodas? I also relish having delicious chaat and other types of fast food during monsoon.

Awakens the child within – Now, this one is the best of all! What fun it is to get drenched in the rains or to feel each raindrop when it’s drizzling! I am eager to splash through the rain water puddles with my daughter and be the carefree child again, oblivious to what the world thinks. This is the time to mess around and enjoy to the core. This is the time when getting dirty actually cleanses our innermost self. Monsoons give us this beautiful opportunity to arouse the child inside us and create a treasure of memories.

Evokes Nostalgia – I have some cherished memories associated with the rainy season which always bring a smile on my face. The rains remind me of the time when as kids, on particular days,  we would reach school only to find out that we have got a “Rainy day holiday” due to a rainstorm. In today’s world, with the boon of technology, this is something our kids will not get to experience. Only our generation can understand the happiness of going to school and then getting to know it’s a day off, rather than being intimated about it in advance. There are other countless special moments I have shared with friends and family members over the years during monsoons. Every burst of rain brings back a memory which is emotionally uplifting and I would love to share the stories with my daughter once she grows up enough to understand.

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