The names and situations in this micro-fiction are imaginary. Truth is we are not safe anywhere. If love is everywhere, hatred is everywhere. If there is hope due to some amazing people in the world, then there are some who make me wonder if at all we are heading towards anything good. One of those days when am feeling a void and a sense of loss of faith. Praying for peace in the world!

Terrified after the incidents occurring in the US, Mr. Arora pleaded his son to return to India sooner than the planned date. Ajay tried hard to reason but he had to give in to his distraught father.

Mr. Arora sat shivering in the scorching heat, stoic and cold, beside Ajay’s body which was mutilated beyond recognition. Hatred had won once again, striking at a different location. The Mumbai blasts had taken away his only son, his hope and his faith.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

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