7 tips to keep your child safe this Diwali

It’s that time of the year! Diwali is around the corner and every household is bustling with enthusiasm. Preparations for the “Festival of Lights” are on in full swing. It’s heart-warming to witness the manner in which the kids are also getting involved with equal fervour. Diwali is indisputably one of the most celebrated festivals in India and it signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. In today’s world when we are all caught up with our chaotic and frenzied schedules, personally for me Diwali is also the time to unwind and spend quality time with my loved ones. My daughter is now a toddler who understands what is going on around her, hence this time she is looking forward to thoroughly enjoy the merriment and splendour associated with this much-loved festival.

Since few years, we have been celebrating cracker-free Diwali. Offering our prayers to almighty, decorating our home with beautiful lights, relishing lip-smacking delicacies and bonding with those who matter – this is the essence of Diwali for us. As a result of this, my daughter will not directly be engaged in burning firecrackers but there are many other factors we intend to take care of to ensure a safe and joyful Diwali experience for her. Below are a few hacks that one can follow to keep children safe this Diwali.

Make sure kids are not unattended at any point: While this may seem like an obvious thing to mention, it is important nevertheless. Diwali has been the cause for quite a few accidents as per statistics. This is a festival which keeps us busy in many ways and unintentionally, we might tend to lose focus while keeping a watch on our children. Please keep in mind that firecrackers, diyas, candles, matchsticks etc. are potentially dangerous and can be injurious for kids. Hence, ensure that they are supervised at all times during the festivities.

Exercise safe practices for the lighting: While lighting diyas, take care to not position any on the passageways in the house or near the curtains or upholstery items. Also, purchase good quality electrical lighting equipment to avoid the risks of short circuits and other electrical accidents. It is best if all the lighting is away from the reach of the younger children. Kids will keep running around and you cannot stop them beyond a point, so avoid placing diyas or candles in hallways or at the doors. Do not leave any naked wires lying around in the house.

Ensure appropriate clothing and footwear: We all love to flaunt our fancy clothes during festivals. This is the time when the glorious traditional wear comes out of our closets. But, this kind of clothing is good only for Pooja. Once you are out of home or when pooja is done, it’s safer to change to comfortable cotton clothes and secure footwear irrespective of whether you are going to burn crackers or not. Any other material might make your children more susceptible to accidents.

Hand Hygiene: During Diwali, there is a rise in the pollution levels and effluence. Consequently, our hands are exposed to more smoke, grime and harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is essential to wash hands thoroughly and regularly with an effective anti-bacterial soap and water. This is something that should be practiced by everyone and not just the kids.

Keep your first-aid kit handy:  If you do not have a ready first-aid kit, then make one soon because even after taking all the precautions, you cannot completely avoid accidents. Things happen in a split second and it will be extremely helpful for you if you are equipped to attend to injuries or burns. For a list of all the must-have items in a first-aid kit, please read my blog.

Noise sensitivity: Exposure to smoke and loud noise is not good for smaller kids. It can cause them damage and can also be a harrowing experience for some. That’s why it is a good idea to follow the child’s cues and stay outside till the time they are enjoying. You can resume the fun and frolic inside the confines of your home too later on.

Diwali delicacies: Diwali is as much a festival of delectable food as it is of lights. Gorging on scrumptious dishes and mouth-watering sweets is inevitable during this period. However, it is imperative that we make sure that children do not over indulge as it may cause stomach and other health issues. Also, during this time, I have experienced that some places sell specious materials at a cheap price which may pose a threat to your family. Thus, it makes sense to be extra vigilant while buying any food item from outside.

I would like to conclude by wishing you all a blissful, dazzling, safe and prosperous Diwali. If you have any more tips to share which you plan to follow to keep your child protected during the festival, please do leave a comment.

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