Emotional Abuse in Marriage – Real Stories

Hidden emotional abuse in a marriage (no scar, no swollen eye!) often goes unnoticed. This normalizes the insidious violence, and can cause the affected women to hide things from their spouses.

A few days back, on one of the parenting forums on Facebook, a woman had posted about how she asks the courier delivery man to come some other time with her online shopping parcel if her husband is at home at that point. The post was penned in a humorous tone, and it generated quite a few laughs on the group, with many other women mentioning that they related to it.

This made me wonder: what makes wives hide seemingly trivial matters of their daily lives from their husbands? Is it a fear of being mocked at? Is it the apprehension of being reprimanded for doing something “against the husband’s wishes”? Is it a pre-emptive action to avoid a confrontational argument? Or is there more to it?

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