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A memorable short stay at Jungle Lodges Blackbuck Resort

COVID has changed a lot of things for all of us. So much so that I sometimes wonder whether we will ever truly be able to get back to what was normal for us. It seems like a privilege as I think about it now. One aspect of life that got impacted tremendously has been the way we all travel now. Traveling during the pandemic is a different ballgame altogether. Personally, we consciously decided to not plan any trip even after things opened up. With a 6-year-old at home, we have been extra-cautious about our visits to public places. However, it had been almost a year of quietening the wanderer within us and we felt a desperate need to break away from the mundane. This led to our first getaway in the post-COVID era to Jungle Lodges Blackbuck Resort in Bidar. The Blackbuck Resort is nestled next to the Vilaspur Lake, close to the Honnikeri Reserve Forest.

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When we disconnected to connect

My husband and I are wanderbugs with an innate desire to travel and explore. After becoming parents, the “Now you will not be able to travel easily” comments from some people never deterred us. We continued to travel, albeit a bit differently, and did our first road trip with our child when she was 11 months old.  It was a breeze and the experience encouraged us to do more road trips with her. Continue reading When we disconnected to connect

Mysticism and the Kumbh

This guest travel blog has been written by Tamanna Mehdi. She is passionate about traveling and is always game for different kinds of experiences. She is a wonderful writer and I am sure you will agree with this by the end of the blog.

The term ‘Kumbh Mela’, nostalgically reminds me of all those Hindi movies where children separated in the ‘Kumbh’ only to be reunited years later, and hence I burst in giggles when my parents inquired if I wanted to see the ‘Kumbh’ at Ujjain with them last month. A succor for travel, the travel bug in me couldn’t pass this fantastic opportunity. Notwithstanding 40C+ temperatures, we set out daily to tour the many grand ‘akhadas’ (pandals) where swamis and sadhvis along with their disciples from all across the country and the world have congregated for this month-long religious communion called ‘Simhasth 2016’ on the banks of the Shipra river at Ujjain.

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Travel Beyond Trails

This is the first guest travel blog on the website written by a wanderbug, who is also a very dear friend, Neelambari Warty. She owns the travel brand “Beyond Trails” which is connecting the world one person at a time. Her motto is to create memories for people that last a lifetime and she strongly believes in travel therapy. Her company provides wonderful customized travel packages and ensures that you start looking at travel from a different perspective. Continue reading Travel Beyond Trails