Does your husband help at home?

Vani’s fingers moved vigorously on the keyboard as she hit the keys to send her final email of the day. She glanced towards the clock at her work station. It was 7.55 pm. It had been a frantic and hectic day at work. Due to a major technical issue caused inadvertently by a junior team member, the client was furious and had escalated the issue to the senior management. Being the team lead, Vani, along with another senior team member, Lisa, had been entrusted with the responsibility to fix the issue by end of the day. She leaned back on her chair and shut her weary eyes. At last, she could breathe a sigh of relief! While she was thinking about the dinner menu in her head, Lisa’s voice brought her out of her contemplation. Continue reading Does your husband help at home?

A lean child is NOT a weak or unhealthy child

Once we enter parenthood, having a long heart-to-heart chat with close friends becomes a luxury. But my friends are a very important part of my life and I do try to take out time to talk to them once in a while, apart from staying connected through social media and apps. So, this morning when my baby was busy playing with my help, I called up my very dear childhood friend. Continue reading A lean child is NOT a weak or unhealthy child