My world is now complete

My world before you came seemed complete,

Life was one big party and bliss;

But when you entered my life my princess,

I realized that there was something amiss.

I still remember that transformative moment,

When the news that you will arrive filled us with zest and elan;

Coincidentally that day was Mother’s Day,

When my beautiful journey of motherhood began.

Our hearts fluttered when we saw you for the first time,

You were like a tiny grain on the ultrasound screen;

I fell in love with you that very moment,

And to hold you in my arms I was very keen.

I always knew motherhood was not easy,

But pregnancy had already begun throwing the small challenges at me;

From nausea to fatigue to losing my appetite,

It had started to take a toll on me.

But it was strange how these symptoms never bogged me down,

Because their presence allayed my anxiety of whether you are fine within;

I then understood what selfless love is,

And was looking forward to the joyful ride with you to begin.

Thereon the days passed smoothly and at a gallop,

And preparing for your arrival itself was so exhilarating;

With every kick, punch and pop our connection just got deeper,

Indubitably a special relationship was in the making.

Seeing you grow through every scan felt nothing less than nature’s miracle,

Hearing your heartbeat made my heart beat;

Finally the big day had come about ending our countdown,

With a sea of emotions engulfing me, I was ready for the big feat.

At last came the glorious moment when you were in my arms,

The sentiment I felt at that instant is inexplicable;

It felt like God has gifted me with an extension of me,

And I could feel what I had always heard of, a love that was unconditional.

It was time to face the bigger challenges,

Coping with the many emotional and physical changes, the sleepless nights and the exhaustion;

But your innocence and purity made it all so worth it,

And I would not have it any other way even if there was an option.

With you every day is a new experience and learning, sprinkled with love and care,

And the first glance, smile, roll and every other first is a cherished treat;

I want to grow with you and live life all over again,

Yes with your presence Renee, my world is now complete.

Anupama Dalmia

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