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Super Short Story – Theme “Stalking”

This super short story is inspired by the lives of all parents. I am sure each one of us can relate to it at some level. This came to my mind instantly when I chose the theme “Stalking”.

I am not going to assume that my daughter will marry

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And one day she will marry and leave to build her own nest…” 

“Sorry for interrupting but how do you know she will marry? There is a probability that she may not want to. “

“Huh! Of course she will. Everyone does. She can’t be living alone all her life.” 

” Hmm. Well there are examples of people who have chosen to stay single all their life. So what’s the problem if she makes such a choice too? Who decides that everyone should marry? “

” Those people must be feeling very lonely. Everyone needs a partner in their life for company and love. “

” We are no one to decide for everyone. Happiness and love mean different things to different people. No two people can have same expectations from life in all aspects. And in any case, she is just a toddler now so why are we even discussing this? “. 

Five reasons why I love Monsoons

Monsoons have finally arrived giving us the much awaited respite from the scorching heat. Just this morning, a friend was grumbling about the increased traffic halts on the muddled roads due to rains and how it has become too grimy all around. I guffawed at her statement because a few days back the same friend was whining about the sweltering summer. It’s funny how we always find a reason to complain about the weather, irrespective of the season – “Too hot”, “Too cold”, “Too messy”! Personally, monsoon is my favorite season and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest with my naughty toddler. Here are five reasons why I love this season so much :

Thank You Papa for breaking the stereotypes

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I was browsing through Facebook before retiring to bed and a post in my newsfeed with multiple shares caught my attention. It read  –  “Behind every independent woman is a father who trusted her and not the society”. I know this is a blanket statement and may not be true for every independent woman in the literal sense but I could not help thinking about how darn true it is for me. All those who know me personally are aware of how my mom means the world to me. I have always been pretty vocal even on social media about my feelings for her because it’s true that I cannot imagine life without her presence. But, am guilty of not having acknowledged the contribution of the most important man in my life as much as he deserves.

Papa, this one is for you! 

When those tiny fingers slowed me down!

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Donning the hat of a Mom has brought about umpteen changes in me and my lifestyle. Of all the things that have changed, most for the better, the one that amazes me the most is the way I mastered the art of accomplishing tasks at lightning speed. There was a time when I used to relish my meals taking my own sweet time, and be flabbergasted at the rapidity of few of my friends in cooking a dish. There was a time when I would visit the spa regularly to relax and rejuvenate, and spend hours chatting with close friends without having to worry about the ticking of the clock. But then motherhood happened and time started flying like a rocket. Through rushed meals and easy cooking that can be done in a jiffy, through quick showers and hastily tying up the hair in a messy bun, through having short conversations with friends and completing my writing assignments in record thirty minutes, I could see life just zooming past me.

The best parenting advice my Mom gave me was no advice at all

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A roller coaster of a journey started the day I saw those two pink lines. Like every other expecting mother, I lived through a deluge of emotions during pregnancy and post delivery. One feeling that was invariably persistent throughout was apprehension. I was always unsure notwithstanding that theoretically, I knew what was in store owing to limitless information from various sources that we have access to in today’s world. This was only natural because fundamentally, parenting is something we learn “on the job”. Like most women, when in doubt, I always turned to the woman who I have revered all my life.  Mom had to face a volley of questions from me on several occasions and inevitably, she would gladly share her experiences and knowledge. In the beginning, I was mentally prepared for a series of instructions from her about the “Dos and Don’ts”. But, on the contrary, not even once did I get a “You should do this” or “You should not do that” or the famous ‘We never did it this way”. All she did was talk to me about her perspective and her parenting methodology, and then left it to me to handle things the way I gauged as appropriate. I never ever felt that she was trying to give me any advice or impose her philosophies on me.

Short Story – Mother’s day with a Single Father

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Mother’s Day With A Single Father!

It was one of the few Sundays when I was up early. Hubby was away on a business trip and I had plans to meet my close friend from college. We had been trying to work out this meet since the time I had moved to Hyderabad, but due to our busy work schedules and other commitments, it just kept getting postponed. I skipped breakfast because I was invited for lunch and the gastronaut in me wanted to save space in my stomach to hog. When I was ready to leave, it suddenly occurred to me that I had forgotten to buy a gift for my friend’s 5 year old daughter. I decided to buy something nice on the way and made a dart for the door.