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Does your husband help at home?

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Vani’s fingers moved vigorously on the keyboard as she hit the keys to send her final email of the day. She glanced towards the clock at her work station. It was 7.55 pm. It had been a frantic and hectic day at work. Due to a major technical issue caused inadvertently by a junior team member, the client was furious and had escalated the issue to the senior management. Being the team lead, Vani, along with another senior team member, Lisa, had been entrusted with the responsibility to fix the issue by end of the day. She leaned back on her chair and shut her weary eyes. At last, she could breathe a sigh of relief! While she was thinking about the dinner menu in her head, Lisa’s voice brought her out of her contemplation.

“Where are you lost Vani? Coffee?”, asked Lisa gesturing with a coffee mug.

“No babe. Not lost anywhere. Just that am exhausted and want to crash on my bed right now. I will make a move. I have to go home and prepare dinner. It will be too late if I have coffee now”, replied Vani while simultaneously clearing up her desk and getting ready to leave.

“Oh! I understand. Does your husband help you at home with the chores?”. 

“Yes, of course he does, if he is free and at home. We share the load depending on the tasks at hand.”

“Wow you lucky girl. Amar is so lazy and so messy that I dread involving him in any household chores. I feel it’s easier to do them myself instead of reminding him a zillion times. It’s great that Siddhanth helps you so much. You should worship his photo along with the Gods!”, saying this Lisa burst out laughing at her own joke.

A lean child is NOT a weak or unhealthy child

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Once we enter parenthood, having a long heart-to-heart chat with close friends becomes a luxury. But my friends are a very important part of my life and I do try to take out time to talk to them once in a while, apart from staying connected through social media and apps. So, this morning when my baby was busy playing with my help, I called up my very dear childhood friend. Luckily, she was also free that time as her 2 year old toddler had recently started going to play school. Like always, we picked up from where we last left and discussed non-stop about everything under the sun. But all the while, she sounded a little less chirpier than usual to me. I just could not dismiss it as the typical “mommy” blues or exhaustion. I know her too well and hence, could postulate something was wrong. She tried to divert the topic at first, but after I prodded further, she just broke down. Hearing her sobs made me all the more frantic but I decided to wait for her to regain composure. Once she cried her heart out, I asked her to share the matter with me and thankfully,  she vented out her pent up emotions.

Breastfeeding – The natural phenomenon that does not always happen naturally

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During the days of having a bun in my oven, like most expecting women, I used to spend a lot of time researching on all aspects of parenting. With vast information being just a click away these days, making an informed choice and making oneself aware about any matter has become relatively easier. But, on the flip side, the information overload can occasionally be the cause of mental mayhem. I was asked to read up on breastfeeding basics during my pre-natal classes arranged by my hospital, which I did very sincerely. However, to be honest, the theory that I read online became an “overhead” transmission of sorts as I could not really register the different feeding positions and latching techniques in my mind. My only important takeaway from all the exploration I indulged in was that breastfeeding is the best for a baby’s immunity and nourishment in the formative years. Hence, I had firmly decided that I will give my all to ensure that I can successfully breastfeed my baby. Whoever I spoke to during my pregnancy about breastfeeding made it sound like it is something that just happens naturally between mom and baby, and I assured myself that when my baby latches on, magic will happen.

Finally, the pivotal moment arrived and I was all set for a water birth. But destiny had other plans and it so happened that after hours of labour, I had to go for an emergency C-section. Luckily, I had a wonderful gynaecologist and doula, who were both breastfeeding friendly and they made sure that my baby latched on to me just a few minutes after we came out of the OT. I was not completely out of the effect of anaesthesia at that point so I could not feel much but I was told that my baby latched beautifully and this brought a huge smile on my face. Just when it seemed like we had nailed it at the first go, reality kicked in and I realized what breastfeeding is all about. From that day to now, I have completed 18 months of breastfeeding and I intend to continue till my child self weans. The journey has been nothing close to smooth sailing but has been tremendously rewarding and fulfilling. There were many instances when I had almost given up but I could sail through because of the excellent support system I had throughout. My husband, my parents, my in-laws and my friends have all been instrumental in making this milestone possible for me. I am sharing a few tit-bits based on my experience which I believe every new mom or would-be-mom must know and understand about breastfeeding, as that can save her a lot of grief later and help her establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with her baby.

Super Short Story – Theme “Survivor”

Whenever we read an incident on rape, most of us post on social media about how strongly we condemn such acts and there is anger that is evident in the posts. This is wonderful because it is important that we all raise our voice and use the powerful social media tool to make a difference. However, during my NGO stint I realized that when it really comes to helping and normalizing life for these survivors, only a few of us do so with all our heart. I saw how many people refused to give work to survivors of rape and human trafficking only to avoid their so called reputation from being tarnished. Some also thought of it as a hassle and some just didn’t bother enough. So, point is – let’s practice what we preach. If you really want a change, push yourself and get out of your comfort zone to go the extra mile. It is great to help as per one’s convenience but honestly, that is NOT enough. You are not even doing a great deed by being normal to such survivors, rather you ought to do so because they deserve to be treated normally. Let’s stop victimizing the victims in our own ways everyday.