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Anupama Dalmia is a 20-time award winning blogger, author, serial entrepreneur, social influencer, creative writing mentor, choreographer and crazy mommy to a 5-year-old. She is a Karamveer Chakra (Silver) awardee which is a global civilian honour presented by International Confederation of NGOs in association with United Nations. She is also a Sheroes Champion and motivates a community of 15 million women through her posts. She is a certified Amazon Influencer with her own storefront of recommendations on Amazon. She has been featured among the top bloggers and influencers of India on multiple coveted platforms, magazines and newspaper dailies.

Just a few tiny drops

Few tiny drops, form an ocean in my heart;
Few tiny drops, blossom into intricate art.
Few tiny drops, make the dreary glow;
Few tiny drops, beseech me to go slow.

Few tiny drops, permeate into ebullient laughter;
Few tiny drops, indulge in puerile banter.
Few tiny drops, fuse melody in mundane chore;
Few tiny drops, orchestrate a tune encore.

Few tiny drops, open the door to my soul;
Few tiny drops, amass the smithereens into a whole.
Few tiny drops, nourish the turf to grow;
Few tiny drops, give birth to the mighty rainbow.

Deciphering Mythology – Guest Post by Piyusha Vir

Couple of weeks back, I had posted my Book Review of “Dashavatar: Stories of Lord Vishnu” authored by Piyusha Vir. Following is the link to the post.

Piyusha Vir was gracious enough to write this brilliant, insightful and incisive post for my blog on deciphering mythology. Hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did. Do pick up her book if you haven’t already!

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Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards – A landmark day in the story of my life

There are good days. There are awesome days. There are bad days. And then there are “I don’t know what but something is off” days. It’s the last one that invokes an odd feeling and an unknown sense of void that keeps nagging you as you sail through the day. You try to focus on the positives and get all the strength from within. Continue reading Inspire Beyond Motherhood Awards – A landmark day in the story of my life

Book Review: Dashavatar – Stories of Lord Vishnu by Piyusha Vir

Author: Piyusha Vir

Published By: Readomania

Purchase from Amazon at the following link.


You are anxiously waiting for the announcement of the next book from an author. The day finally arrives. You are delighted, only to realise that the book is written in a genre you rarely read. I might be going against the tide here, but mythology has never piqued my interest. I watched Ramayan and Mahabharat as a child on television because it was a family ritual. Whatever I know about this subject is based on the tidbits I heard from my grandparents and parents during my growing years. For me, it was about bonding through story-telling rather than my curiosity to delve further into this space.

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Book Review – ‘Hiraeth’ by Shivani Salil

Not often do we come across books which are telling in more ways than one. “Hiraeth” by debutante author Shivani Salil is not just a book, but is an experience that will stay in the realms of your world in perpetuity. It is for everyone. It is for every mood. It is truly for keeps.

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A letter to my daughter for her 18th birthday

Dear Daughter,

As we are engrossed in the preparations for your birthday, which is just a fortnight away, my mind keeps wandering back to that special day- the day you entered our lives. The memory of that day is still etched in my mind so vividly. Those tiny hands and feet transformed me completely. I felt emotions that I had never felt before. I had my most precious possession in my arms, looking back at me with infallible trust.

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A Step Forward

Kamya gazed at the fumes which seemed to be taking the form of an abstract artwork. The artist in her always found inspiration in the mundane. The brain wave had swept her away into the tides of unbridled, cathartic imagination. Though blissfully submerged, she was brought back to the realms of reality soon enough. It was that sane, soothing voice which had made her almost jump up in exhilaration.

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I am a not so plain Jane

My confidence is my pair of heels,
To me there are layers and peels.
My perception of the world is the kohl of my eye,
My dreams are the permanent mascara I apply.
The blusher on my cheeks is every life I touch,
Every smile is my precious jewel that I fondly clutch.
My imperfections and scars make me feel beautiful from within,
I am a not so Plain Jane who is comfortable in her own skin.

~ Anupama Dalmia ~

My daughter knows I am not a superwoman and that makes me a better parent

It was a misty, dreary morning. There was something off about the day. The cook had called in sick at the last moment. I had an article submission deadline to meet. And then my periods arrived just in time, as if to fan the flames. As I tried to gather the scattered ‘me’, my few months short 5-year-old spilled a bottle of juice on the floor, inadvertently of course.

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