10 hacks to make your Diwali Clean-Athon a happy experience

A few days back, I saw a post on Facebook which asked people what superpower they would like to possess. While many wished for the power of reading minds or flying in the air, my instant answer was “Power to make my house spick and span without actually having to do the cleaning.”

When the lockdown began, I was quite enthusiastic about cleaning my home my way and for a while, I did it in all earnest. But gradually, this became a tiring and monotonous affair and it was difficult to take out time to dust and mop, along with other personal responsibilities and professional work. However, cleaning is not really a “good to do” activity but is a “have to do” chore, all the more before the festive period kicks in. The ‘Diwali’ cleaning seemed to be a tad more tedious this time after having done the housework for months, but some little tips can help a great deal to make it a no-fuss process. Here’s sharing what worked for me this time, for the benefit of those who are sailing in the same boat as I am.

  1. Planning the cleaning – While this may seem like an obvious point to make, at times we head into the cleaning bustle randomly. Planning the activity actually helps me in ensuring I have a clear timeline and approach in place, and know how and when to go about it. Planning includes not just deciding on a time and date, but also working out the order in which the kitchen should be cleaned. In my case, I allotted time as per three rounds of cleaning and began with the appliances first. Haphazard cleaning may make it seem like an uphill task whereas planning can give a sense of achievement as and when the smaller goals are achieved.

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