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Can we please stop advising couples to have a baby to solve their marital woes?

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“Mom, are you free now? As I had told you, I need to discuss something very important with you.” 

The nervousness and sense of urgency in Kavita’s voice was evident now. Aradhana Aunty was at the bank when Kavita had called her earlier in the day.

“Yes beta, go on. Am back home now. All OK?”, Aunty asked worried.

“Mom, nothing is OK. I don’t know where to start.”, Kavita paused and then continued.

“My marriage isn’t working out. Vishal and I just don’t get along. I don’t think we are meant to be. “

There was a stoic silence. Kavita started fumbling for words but took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts.

Return Gift ideas for your child’s Birthday

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10 great return gift ideas for your child’s birthday

It looks like you are preparing for your daughter’s wedding. You are so busy.“, my mom had joked once, just a day before my daughter’s first birthday. We both had guffawed at her comment, but she was right. We had planned a grand celebration with all our loved ones, family and friends, to raise a toast to this special milestone of our lives. There were so many aspects of the party to be taken care of and we were doing all that we could to make it a memorable day for us as well as the guests. The only thing that made me a tad bit anxious was “Return Gifts” for all the children, which has become one of the highlights of any birthday celebration today, be it a large scale one or a small gathering. For kids, return gifts have become the prime attraction of a birthday party and they wait with much eagerness and zest to know what goodies they will be taking home. When we were children, I remember how elated we would be even on receiving a Natraj pencil. Back then, return gift concept was not that prevalent so being presented with anything was a huge deal. Sometimes, I wonder how did such a transformation take place. But then, that was a different era altogether. A lot has changed, and so has the importance of return gifts in project “Birthday Party”!

Through this article, I intend to share some ideas which I believe make for great return gifts and also a few pointers to where you can buy them from. Some common and popular items like tiffin boxes, water bottles, stationery items, coloring books, color sets and cutlery are wonderful gifts. But if you have already presented them in the past and are looking for more ideas, this list might help you.

I don’t think I can do it

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I still clearly recall that moment. I remember all the questions that sprinted through my mind in a split second. “What have I done to myself?” “Will I ever be my usual self again?” “Will this pain ever subside?” “How will I take care of my little one”? And then I looked at my mom and my doula, who were both giving me an assuring glance. It appeared as though they could read what was on my mind.

“Come on Anupama. You can do it. Just hold on to us and try to get up with our support”, encouraged my doula who was immensely supportive during my entire birthing process and post it too.

“No, I don’t think I can do it. Forget about getting up from the bed, I don’t think I can do anything a new mom is expected to do. I just want to get back to feeling normal”, my inner voice screamed. But, all I could mutter defeatedly was a “No”.

Love makes the ride worthwhile

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It’s that time of the year! While a set of people are celebrating love with all heart and mush, some are enjoying the memes and harmless jokes about something they don’t believe in. And then there are some like me who are neutral – the ones who can laugh on the jokes and can also go “aww” at the lovey-dovey social media posts; the ones who are happy to celebrate the day of “Love” and are also cool about letting it pass as just another day. Whichever category you belong to, you cannot escape love in your life. It is beside you, within you and contrary to the conventional quotes and beliefs, it is not just a matter of heart but also of the mind. Sometimes, when we witness a couple showering each other with gifts or celebrating an occasion like Valentine’s Day with much hoo-ha, we remark “Oh such a romantic couple” or “They are the perfect couple”. Well, when no two people are the same, then how can the relationship dynamics of any two couples be the same? So, if you never gift each other anything or if you do not prefer to show your affection through celebrations, you are still a “perfectly romantic” couple with your own chemistry and synergy.

When we disconnected to connect

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My husband and I are wanderbugs with an innate desire to travel and explore. After becoming parents, the “Now you will not be able to travel easily” comments from some people never deterred us. We continued to travel, albeit a bit differently, and did our first road trip with our child when she was 11 months old.  It was a breeze and the experience encouraged us to do more road trips with her. As it was a long weekend this time around 26th January (Republic Day Holiday) , my father suggested we visit Chitrakote Falls together. This was the first time we heard about the place, so we did some research on it after my father’s recommendation. We discovered that these are India’s broadest waterfalls, also called as Mini Niagara Falls. The Google images of the falls were breath-taking and we promptly planned the trip. Once the bookings were done, I was looking forward to this expedition.

Falling DOWN is a part of growing UP

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“Terrible Twos”- the famous dreaded phase of parenthood! This is when children begin to look at themselves as individuals and become assertive. This is when they want to exercise their independence and start learning to express themselves, at times resulting in huge meltdowns. This is when they can be really cute one moment and can drive us up the wall the very next second. While it is surely a challenging stage of parenting, I believe it is also loads of fun as am currently experiencing with my child.

I walked out of my house after I had my baby

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The author of the post, Sharanya Karnad, is a full-time mum and a hobby baker. She regularly counsels women, informally, for postpartum depression. //

For the better part of 2015, my only dream was to hold my newborn, when she would come in October, and cherish every single minute that I had with her. Most of my family lives close to where I live, so I had cousins and other relatives who had had babies, and, being a close-knit family, I had spent a lot time around babies. I had seen how they could change the lives of their parents, and how all the mothers just somehow…managed…to be dressed up for weddings, cheerful at family gatherings and never really complaining ever. It was hard for me to imagine that having a baby was anything but natural at worst, and pleasant and manageable at best.

Then, on October 19, Shikha came along. Eight and half pounds, head full of hair and a wail so loud that even the doctors in the operation theater laughed. After 31 hours of labor, I finally had a C-section. I was disappointed, but it had to be done, and by the time I recovered after the operation, I had reconciled myself to the fact that all the planning I had done for a natural birth was futile. This is how it was meant to be.