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We Are Beautiful

Years back, when I was in the third year of my engineering degree course, I got introduced over the phone to a close friend’s roommate. We clicked instantly, or so it seemed to me then. Soon, we began to have lengthy conversations on our Nokia 3315 mobile handsets (don’t think any of the handsets today can beat the durability and robustness of that one).  Because mobile phone technology was a new invention at that point, we usually waited for the “Happy Hours” which began at 11 PM as otherwise incoming and outgoing SMS/call charges were high enough to create a hole in our modest pockets.

We were not in a relationship. Maybe I had a crush on him, but I cherished the friendship more than anything else and enjoyed our late night tête-à-tête. We decided to meet up one day at a renowned coffee shop in the city. We met. The atmosphere was warm but he was cold. I left after an hour, bewildered and disappointed. The calls stopped after that and when I tried to reach out a couple of times, I was told by his girlfriend – about whom he never told me earlier – that he was busy and would get back. That never happened. I got the message. Weeks later, I learnt from our mutual friend that he was put off by the acne breakout on my skin and could not continue to flirt with an ugly-looking girl. “But we were not flirting! What about the friendship?”- I protested in my head. “But I am not ugly just because of my acne”- I didn’t protest. I was not beautiful, I accepted. It did prick for a moment but I moved on. Life moved on. Having been blessed with a chilled out demeanour and the immense love of family and friends all my life, I never had self-esteem and confidence issues because of my looks. But, I never considered myself beautiful for the longest time.

Love makes the ride worthwhile

// This article has been published by Women’s Web on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and is available at below link:


It’s that time of the year! While a set of people are celebrating love with all heart and mush, some are enjoying the memes and harmless jokes about something they don’t believe in. And then there are some like me who are neutral – the ones who can laugh on the jokes and can also go “aww” at the lovey-dovey social media posts; the ones who are happy to celebrate the day of “Love” and are also cool about letting it pass as just another day. Whichever category you belong to, you cannot escape love in your life. It is beside you, within you and contrary to the conventional quotes and beliefs, it is not just a matter of heart but also of the mind. Sometimes, when we witness a couple showering each other with gifts or celebrating an occasion like Valentine’s Day with much hoo-ha, we remark “Oh such a romantic couple” or “They are the perfect couple”. Well, when no two people are the same, then how can the relationship dynamics of any two couples be the same? So, if you never gift each other anything or if you do not prefer to show your affection through celebrations, you are still a “perfectly romantic” couple with your own chemistry and synergy.

A Few Realizations as my Daughter turns 2

Whoosh! That’s how these 2 years went by. Someone has rightly said that when you are a parent, the days are long but the years are short. When I look back in time, a collage of memories flashes through my mind and it amazes me how far I have come as a person. Motherhood has been instrumental in making me much more responsible, righteous, sensitive and strong. I have experienced the highest level of euphoria as well as moments when I have been pushed to the brink. This roller-coaster called parenting has been full of learning and realizations. Some of the key things I have come to realize are probably quite obvious for the seasoned parents, but it took me 2 years to truly become cognizant of them.

Super Short Story – Theme “Temptation”

This is my first attempt at a super short story with humour as a twist. The theme chosen is “Temptation”. Hope you like this one :-)

Short Prose – Theme: Good-Bye?

They say home is where the heart is. But what if your heart is scattered all over the place ? At every walk of life right from birth, we meet people and give a part of our heart to some of them. Is this why I can never really “feel at home” ? I always imagine it would be great to have all the people who matter to us at one place, and there would be no pain of separation. Wishful thinking, sigh ! This is exactly why a “Good-Bye” is so heartbreaking, because in true sense you are bidding farewell to a part of your heart. But, this is the beauty of life, because for every piece of heart you part with, you get back another piece :) So, even if you don’t have your heart in place, you have the immense love from people across the globe and this love is what keeps us going.

‘Coz you are always on my mind

//This poem was published by Woman’s Era in their December I edition//

I never thought I would ever be so restless,

I think of the twinkle in your eyes and your acts so kind;

Life gains a new meaning each second,

‘Coz you are always on my mind.



The world before you came,

Seemed aloof and strange;

But your thoughtful words made me realize,

That things can miraculously change.